April 2010

Sarah Ludford campaigns for clean air in London

Responding to Mayor Boris Johnson's publication of his draft air quality strategy London Liberal Democrat MEP Sarah Ludford a long time campaigner for cleaner air in the capital said:

"We have a health emergency in the capital with thousands of avoidable deaths annually. Decisive measures are needed to slash the dangerous levels of nitrogen dioxide and airborne particles in central London and around Heathrow."

"But Mayor Johnson is still failing to take bold action. His suggestions include washing the streets planting trees and banning the running of engines when stationary. This is fiddling while Londoners die: he has no proposals to target pollution hotspots and has even delayed measures to tackle dirty vans."

Roma discrimination demands strong EU action

London Liberal Democrat MEP Sarah Ludford a long-time campaigner for equal treatment for the EU's 10 million Roma people plus the 4 million in the Balkans and Turkey has called on International Roma Day (April 8th 2010) for determined EU action to eliminate the continued prejudice discrimination hostility and violence Roma people face and ensure they enjoy equal opportunities.

The second international Roma summit is taking place today in Spain which currently holds the rotating EU Presidency. These summits have their roots in the first major gathering of Roma representatives which took place in London in 1971.

Sarah Ludford said:

London MEP offers condolences for Polish plane crash tragedy

Commenting on this weekend's tragedy of President Lech Kaczyński his wife and many other senior Polish figures being killed in a plane crash outside Smolensk in Russia on their way to a commemoration of Katyn Liberal Democrat MEP for London Baroness Sarah Ludford said:

"In this period of mourning our thoughts and sympathies are especially with the families of President Lech Kaczyński and the 96 others who were killed in the crash. But my condolences also go to all Poles as fellow EU citizens both those at home and those in the UK as they struggle to come to terms with the terrible loss of so many important figures of their political military and religious establishment."

Fairness - The Liberal Democrat Manifesto Launch

Liberal Democrat Manifesto for 2010 General ElectionNick Clegg has launched the Liberal Democrat General Election manifesto. The manifesto sets out four clear priorities of fair taxes a fair chance for every child a fair economy and a fair deal by cleaning up politics.

At the launch Nick Clegg said:

"Every manifesto needs to have an idea at its heart. The basic idea that animates this manifesto is something I have always believed. I believe every single person is extraordinary.

Letter to the Daily Telegraph: Doctors with poor English

Max Pemberton's article about doctors from other EU countries practising in the UK ("Doctors working in the UK must be able to speak English" April 12th) might appear to blame EU regulations for the lack of testing of those doctors' English language skills when he says 'the GMC is currently powerless to test the English skills and competencies of doctors from the EU'. But as he adds that is not the end of the story.

Nick Clegg Storms First Ever Party Leaders Debate

Nick Clegg (Photo: Alex Folkes/Fishnik Photography)The polls following the first ever Party Leaders General Election debate on ITV are showing that Nick Clegg has won a convincing victory over David Cameron and Gordon Brown. The debate was the first ever Leaders debate during a UK General Election campaign and the pollsters are giving it as a big victory for Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats.

The ITV / COMRES poll held by ITV and announced shortly after the debate gave Nick Clegg as the winner by a huge margin:

Second Party Leaders' TV debate: Foreign Affairs

Debate Night GraphicThe second Party Leaders Debate is taking place this Thursday starting at 8pm on Sky News. Nick Clegg Gordon Brown and David Cameron will again be going head to head in a TV debate in the run up to the General Election on May 6th this time leading on Foreign Affairs.

Clegg Scores Second Win in Party Leaders Debate

Nick CleggAn average of five polls conducted immediately after the Sky TV Leaders Election debate on Thursday night put Nick Clegg as the winner with all instant polls showing him ahead of Gordon Brown. After the Foreign Affairs-led debate from Bristol dominated by issues like Iraq immigration and climate change Nick Clegg won 3 of the 5 polls on the night building on his position after the first debate.

The five "instant" poll results on the night:

Undecided voters swing to Lib Dems following final Leaders Debate

Nick Clegg MPLast night was the final of the three televised Leaders' debates. Leader of the Liberal Democrats Nick Clegg debated with Gordon Brown and David Cameron about the economy. Subjects discussed included breaking up the banks creating more jobs and reinvigorating the British economy.