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Justice logo

Sarah is Vice Chair of Justice, an all-party, law reform and human rights organisation. Justice works to improve the legal system and the quality of justice, in particular by: promoting human rights; improving the legal system and access to justice; improving criminal justice; raising standards of justice and home affairs across Europe.


Liberty logo

Sarah is a council member of Liberty, a campaign group which believes in a society based on the democratic participation of all its members and the principles of justice, openness, the right to dissent and respect for diversity. Liberty aims to secure the equal rights of everyone (as long as they do not infringe the rights and freedoms of others) and oppose any abuse or excessive power by the state against its people. Sarah is a leading campaigner for the protection of civil liberties and fundamental freedoms.

No torture, no compromise.

European Reform Campaigns


Sarah supports the send2women campaign, which recognises the high importance of having a gender balance in the top EU posts. There will probably be four top EU jobs to be filled: the President of the European Council, the President of the Commission, the President of the European Parliament and the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy. However, every one of the potential candidates named to date is male. The send2women campaign calls for the appointment of at least one woman to the top four posts. If you agree that it is important that in the 21st century the EU is representative of the population it serves then do sign the online petition.


Single Seat

Scrap Strasbourg

Sarah supports the campaign to end the practise of maintaining two official parliamentary seats for the European Union.

Sign Sarah's petition calling for a Single Seat for the European Parliament

Sarah signs up for one seat in European Parliament!

Roof must fall in permanently on Strasbourg

MEPs: "Scrap Strasbourg - one seat is enough!"


Guantanamo Bay

Sarah has repeatedly called for the closure of the legal black hole that is Camp Delta at Guantanamo Bay, calling it both a scandal and a setback in the fight against terrorism. Sarah was Vice-Chair of the European Parliament committee investigating CIA torture flights in Europe.

Court ruling releasing Uighur Guantanamo detainees welcomed

Closing Guantanamo - Congressional leader accepts Brussels invitation

Guantanamo prisoners must not be trapped by inaction

UK MEP urges Canada to repatriate its 'Guantanamo' citizen

MEPs call on EU to take lead on Guantanamo resettlement

US Court halt to Guantanamo prisoner transfer recognises dangers

Europe must help resettle Guantanamo prisoners

Sarah at Guantanamo vigil

London Guantanamo protest - MEP support

Guantanamo must be on EU-US agenda

Guantanamo suicides 'wake-up call' to EU governments

Guantanamo Bay must close

Euro-MP welcomes request for al-Rawi release

Other Campaigns


Many regard electronic cigarettes as a game changer in the fight to reduce the 700,000 smoking-related deaths in Europe each year. Despite their increasing popularity many MEPs remain unconvinced or undecided over how to deal with electronic cigarettes in legislation. Although they contain no tobacco, some Members are put off by the association of e-cigarettes with conventional cigarettes or the fact that most of them still contain nicotine. Liberal Democrat MEPs have worked hard to ensure that e-cigarettes remain no less available than other tobacco products by opposing efforts in the European Parliament to classify e-cigs as medicinal product.

Tories and UKIP play into hands of big tobacco on EU cigarette rules

Tobacco vote a victory for e-cig campaigners


Control Arms

Control armsLack of controls on the international arms trade fuels conflict, poverty and human rights abuses worldwide. Every government is responsible. The Control Arms campaign is asking governments to toughen up controls on the arms trade. Sarah signed the Control Arms petition in March 2006, and has been urging Londoners to join her in adding their face to the "million faces" petition ever since. In 2008 Sarah signed up to the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) European Parliament Parliamentary declaration. The ATT will help to prevent irresponsible transfers of conventional weapons

UK sets poor example on EU arms sales corruption

A million faces against the arm trade

Euro-MP joins million faces fighting arms trade


EmbargoEmbargoed! is a human rights group campaigning to bring an immediate and unconditional end to all embargoes against the people of North Cyprus. Embargoed! thus aims to restore the fundamental political, economic and social rights of all North Cypriots. Sarah campaigns vigorously for the EU to honour its commitments by providing aid for economic development in North Cyprus and is calling for an immediate end to the isolation of Turkish Cypriots.

Cyprus elections offer chance to restart talks

European LibDems press EU governments on Turkish-Cypriot isolation

Cyprus: resolving property issues to build confidence

EU north Cyprus aid 'better late than never'

End HIV Discrimination

In 1993 the US government introduced a policy to deny visa waiver to people with HIV or AIDS and made the obtaining of any visa very difficult and laden with conditions.

She campaigned for this ban to end as it was discriminatory and lacked any objective justification. 

In January 2010 the US government removed the visa waiver ban for people living with HIV, except if they have been previously denied entry to the US. Individuals previously denied a visa waiver on the grounds that they were HIV positive can apply for a non-immigrant visa.

Fair Trials Abroad

Fair Trials AbroadSarah is a patron of Fair Trials International which seeks to help citizens from the European Union accused of a crime in a country other than their own, to assert their rights to due administration of justice. Sarah fights for EU citizens facing miscarriages of justice and has successfully campaigned for the release of wrongfully detained constituents.

Last Londoner in Guantanamo must get fair trial or freedom

London MEP fights for release of British citizen held in Azerbaijan

Gary McKinnon

Gary McKinnon was indicted in 2002 on charges of hacking into United States' Military computer networks, and is currently fighting an extradition request in the European Court of Human Rights. Sarah has written to the Home Secretary in support of McKinnon against being extradited to the USA, on the grounds that he is a sufferer of Asperger's syndrome, and committed the alleged crimes in the U.K.

McKinnon Should Be Tried Here

Gurkha Justice Campaign

Gurkha JusticeSarah supports the Gurkha Justice Campaign, demanding that the Gurkhas are granted the same status as UK and Commonwealth soldiers and their families. This includes the automatic right to settle in the UK and fair pension settlements for Gurkha veterans. Please sign the online petition to express your support for the Gurkhas.

Sign the online petition here

Sarah supports Gurkha justice

ILGA-Europe's 2009 European Election Pledge

ILGASarah has signed the ILGA-Europe 2009 European Election pledge to promote equality and to combat discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. You can the pledges in detail at the link below:

Ilga-Europe 2009 European Election Pledge

Moscow Pride

Moscow PrideSarah is a supporter of the campaign against the systematic breach of the right to freedom of assembly for the LGBT community in Russia by the Russian government. Since May 2006 Russian officials have banned 167 public events that LGBT communities had planned across the country.

Ahead of the planned 2009 Moscow Pride event, Sarah has co-signed a letter from several MEPs requesting that the Russian government enter a dialogue with the organisers of Moscow Pride to ensure that the event, planned for May 16th, can be conducted in accordance with the Russian constitution and the European Human Rights Convention (ECHR).

One Hour Bus Ticket

Sarah has signed the petition in suppor of Lib Dem London Assembley Member Caroline Pidgeon's recently launched campaign for a one hour bus ticket in London. The proposal is that when bus passengers touch in with their Oyster cards, they can make unlimited additional bus journeys in the next 60 minutes without further deductions from their card. Similar schemes are in place in Paris, Brussels and Rome - so why not London?

Please sign the petition at the link below.

One Hour Bus Ticket for London

One Million Signatures Demanding Changes to Discriminatory Laws

Sarah has signed a petition launched by a group of women's rights activists in Iran demanding changes to discriminatory laws against women.

The 'One Million Signatures Demanding Changes to Discriminatory Laws' campaign is a follow-up to the peaceful protest which took place in June in Tehran. The instigators point out that their demands for reform do not clash with Islamic law but call on the Iranian government to eliminate discrimination in accordance with its commitments under the UN Convention on Civil and Political Rights.

Demand changes to Iran's discriminatory laws

Protect Innocent People's DNA

Protect Innocent People's DNASarah is supporting the Liberal Democrats' campaign against police retention of the DNA records of innocent people. Five times more people in the UK have their DNA records stored on central government records than in any other country in the world. Liberal Democrat home affairs spokespeople Lynne Featherstone and Nick Clegg have launched a petition on the party website.

Human rights court damns UK fingerprint and DNA storage

Sign the petition against over-the-top DNA database