Donate to the London Liberal Democrats

The General Election in May 2015 will be fiercely fought

Can YOU help with a donation?

Unlike the Labour and Conservative Parties, the Liberal Democrats rely on small donations from people who want to see LibDem policies such as tax cuts for people on low and middle incomes implemented in the future.

Many party members and supporters will help by delivering leaflets, canvassing voters, making phone calls and many supporters will help by donating money.

  • £12 buys an hour of telephone canvassing.
  • £40 will subsidise an A4 Focus leaflet in one of our better council wards
  • £50 will upgrade that leaflet to an A3.
  • £100 gives us a colour leaflet to a larger ward.
  • £1000 pays for a constituency wide tabloid in one of our key seats across London.

Every little helps, the average donation at the moment is £48.