GM food - Consumers won't be force-fed

London's LibDem Euro-MP Baroness Sarah Ludford is calling on the government to use new EU rules on GM food to let consumers but also voters decide.

Thanks to Liberal Democrat amendments to legislation EU member states have the power to take action to avoid cross-contamination by GM crops and the European Commission has just published guidelines. Sarah is calling on the government to make maximum use of them:

"I would frankly prefer to see no commercial growing of GM crops. But if it happens wide separation of crops through buffer zones combined with strict implementation of EU rules on labelling and traceability is the minimum necessary for consumers to have the real choice to avoid GM food."

"British law should ensure that financial liability for damage lies with those who plant GM; conventional and organic farmers should not have to suffer financial loss if their crops are contaminated."

"The government should also explore the possibilities of the phrase: 'measures of a regional dimension could be considered if they are proportioned and if sufficient levels of purity cannot be achieved by other means'."

"Local areas or regions ought to be able to declare themselves GM-free as the Lake District has just voted if voters so decide. The government should use all its powers within the new framework to enable them to express their view that they don't want GM food."

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