MEPs should tighten own belts

London Liberal Democrat MEP Sarah Ludford is calling for the European Parliament to freeze MEPs' allowances until the end of the legislature in 2014 as well as to seek freezes on travel costs and administrative spending in all EU institutions.

Commenting ahead of tomorrow's vote in the European Parliament on the 'guidelines' for the EU's budget in 2013 Sarah Ludford commented:

"At this time of national austerity the EU's budget also needs to be shaken up to get rid of waste. MEPs must lead the way in tightening our own belts. Freezing our allowances and capping our travel budget at its present level is a good start."

"There should also be a freeze in administrative spending of all EU institutions. An independent spring clean of the European Parliament's budget is greatly overdue."

"The most obvious candidate for the chop is the £180 million on the MEP 'travelling circus' between Brussels and Strasbourg in which the 27 governments have trapped us. MEPs should support an amendment for a single seat to send a strong message that national capitals must liberate us from this shameful and indefensible waste."

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