Sarah adds her support for ban on lion trophy imports

Sarah pictured with a cuddly verison of her adopted tiger!London Liberal Democrat MEP Sarah Ludford has added her name to a petition calling for a ban on the import of lion trophies.

Sarah has signed the petition by lion conservation charity Lionaid because she is extremely concerned at the 90% decline of the African lion population over the last fifty years and the part that hunting the animals for their skins and other parts is playing in this. Sarah has been involved for many years in efforts to protect the population of big cats such as tigers.

Sarah commented:

"As a lover of cats of all sizes I am always keen to support conservation campaigns. The decline of the lion population is alarming and while this is partly due to habitat loss and disease the shocking persistence of hunting lions for sport is also a major cause. Banning the import of lion trophies would go some way to removing the incentive to hunt.."

You can sign the online petition here:

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